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After 9 years of creating a cultural revolution in Chennai, THE OTHER FESTIVAL was not held in 2007.

This pioneering annual event brought many varied events (39 dance performances , 15 music groups, 38 theatre plays, 4 different exhibitions, 3 film screenings, 2 reading of poetry, about a dozen outreach shows, an acrobatics troupe, and 7 Tamil plays) to a city that has welcomed the new and avant garde with intelligence and grace.

Post performance talks, meet-the-artiste events, outreach in colleges and schools, media relations and professional arts management systems made a significant contribution to the city's changing landscape.

In 2007, Ranvir Shah, co founder and co artistic director of THE OTHER FESTIVAL, started his own cultural event called THE NEW FESTIVAL.

Organised by his Prakriti Foundation, THE NEW FESTIVAL is supported by THE PARK HOTEL, Chennai, who were the title sponsors of THE OTHER FESTIVAL since 2002.

For details on THE NEW FESTIVAL (December 2 - 6, 2007 Chennai), please visit